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Tamoxifen Citrate for Breast Cancer

According to the American Cancer Society, approximately 40,000 women are estimated to die of breast cancer in 2013. Breast cancer is the most common cancer with women. Though, the exact etiology of cancer is unknown, we have certain risk factors that increase the possibility of a woman getting this cancer. These include age, genetics, being overweight, and lifestyle. Taking birth control pills is also associated with having breast cancer, though, this is not proven yet.

Early detection is the key for a good prognosis with this disease condition. Self-breast examination is recommended to be done by women in a monthly basis for early detection of any lumps. Mammography, a diagnostic tool used primarily to detect these lumps, is recommended yearly for women aged 40 years old and above especially those who have genetic predisposition. Mammograms are excellent screening tool for breast cancer. However, the results of mammogram should be correlated with breast exam and your health history. Continue reading Tamoxifen Citrate for Breast Cancer