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Whole Grains Important for Wholesome Life

Whole grains increasingly seem to be recognized as nutritional necessities, and a new study adds more evidence to the theory that whole grains may be a key to disease prevention.

The study of nearly 34,000 Norwegian adults finds that the participants who ate the largest amount of whole grains had a 23 percent reduced risk of death from heart disease, and a 21 percent reduced risk of death from cancer, when compared to participants who ate little or no whole grains (European Journal of Clinical Nutrition ). For their whole grain comsumption, participants reported eating a range of whole grain breads, which contained a varying amount of actual whole grains.

The study took into account that whole grain eaters tend to be nonsmokers, are less likely to have high cholesterol and blood pressure, and consume less fat than those who eat less whole grain bread. But the study didn’t take into account the fruit and vegetable intake of the whole grain eaters, which may be a part of the explanation for the lowered death risk. Lead author Henrie Fisher, from the University of Minnesota, says, “People who eat [whole grains] tend to have healthier lifestyles in general, so their diet is Continue reading Whole Grains Important for Wholesome Life