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Amoxil 500mg – When Generic Amoxicillin Simply Don’t Work

One of the most common antibiotics to us is amoxicillin.  Although this name is actually the generic name of this particular type of antibiotic, you will come across with a wide variety of amoxicillin antibiotics.  The differences between these similar antibiotic medications is that, although they are made using the same active ingredient, it is actually the strength or potency of the active ingredient they use that makes the huge difference.  Normally, when you buy amoxicillin for bacterial infections, you usually don’t carry the name of the branded type you want.  This is mainly due to our exposure to the generic term.  This means that if you order amoxicillin, you’re not sure whether the branded amoxicillin they will give you is very potent or if they will simply dispense you with generic ones, something which can be requested, of course. Continue reading Amoxil 500mg – When Generic Amoxicillin Simply Don’t Work